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Writer's Digest says "Outstanding book! 5 out of 5"

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RIGHT TO THE SOUL: INSPIRATIONAL STORIES by Janet Austin -- is an amazing book by an amazing author. Janet Austin clearly cares about people and is devout. Reading this book is a joy. Her wit and style of writing make the reader sorry when the book must end! The good news is that it’s easy to go back to the beginning. I really can’t choose a favorite story. They are all excellent. Yes, I did find out about the million dollar blanket, as the back cover promised. I can see why she wanted to throw it out!

The front cover is lovely. I like the symbol of the Holy Spirit. On the back, I love the expression “Pain is inevitable; being grumpy is optional.” Yes, it’s true although it’s hard not to be grumpy sometimes! The back cover blurb is expertly written. I love her attitude toward prayer. I also like the author photo, and the author bio is excellent. Anyone who can keep such a great attitude while fighting spinal injuries is someone worth knowing!

Inside, the unexpected flip story is wonderful! What an astounding book! I hope millions of people find and read it.

Judge, 27th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.

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A source of encouragement in a world where God often seems absent.

"By reflecting on the ­included ­Scriptures as well as the online study, slowly you will be ­replacing the world’s drama and tragedy with lifesaving beauty. Plus, you are on a level playing field. Janet is just like you and me—a person who has made mistakes and has faced challenges while on her journey, yet Janet knows to Whom to turn."

"In Janet Austin's story, Prayer Word Scramble, we are reminded that the words silent and listen have exactly the same letters. Hmm, an important realization in this noisy world."

- Renee Bondi, Author, Recording Artist, Speaker

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