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Can a Leopard Change Its Spots? Who Can Change? & How?

Stories about predators befriending prey not only amaze me but give me hope that one day people of all colors and beliefs will live in peace. Even though that seems impossible, the Bible tells us that one day there will be peace, and one day every knee will bow (to Christ Jesus). The important thing to understand, however, is that not everyone will be bowing because they want to praise Jesus as Lord; they will bow because our Lord has won the battle over evil, and those who have chosen to NOT be one with Him will exit His kingdom. You see, none of us live up to the purity of God. All of us have sinned, and sin separates...

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Never lose your sense of WONDER.

There are many who wonder about the truth about God. Does He exist? Does He care? I'm sure He does and I'm certain that the great designer of the world wanted to communicate with the people He made. That is why He sent Jesus. Jesus is God in the flesh. Yes, God's Word became flesh and dwelt among us (John 1:1-14). Christmas is the day we celebrate the revelation of God to mankind. Most people think Christmas is Jesus' birthday. It's not; Jesus was likely born in the spring. But that doesn't even matter. It's all about the truth that God Himself came and lived here on earth (as Jesus) so that all of us would be able to learn more about...

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