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The one thing that changed my life for the better!

Some days you feel like you’re walking all alone in a scary world, uncertain about your future and the future of your loved ones. But I want to tell you, God is real and He pays attention to every detail of your life. He is still working miracles today. Let me share one. A few years ago, my mom had Alzheimer’s and I needed to move her. I was her power of attorney (POA) so I went to the Social Security office to get her Social Security card (which I needed for the place I wanted to move her to). Turns out Social Security does not accept the POA, and they would only mail her Social Security card to the...

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WOW, a 1500-year-old stone with a Greek inscription, "Christ born of Mary"

Some people say having Jesus die on a cross for our sins is ‘a strange way to save the world.’ Interestingly enough, one of my favorite Christian songs, by a group called 4Him (a Grammy-nominated group with seven Dove awards), has a song with that very name. As strange as it may sound to us humans, God’s plan stands. Jesus, born to the virgin Mary, lived and died to show us God’s love. His death on the cross made it possible for us to live with God for eternity. We need only believe with a submissive heart. If you have doubts, stop and pray for God to reveal the truth to you. Also, take a look at secular information that...

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