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Can a Leopard Change Its Spots? Who Can Change? & How?

Stories about predators befriending prey not only amaze me but give me hope that one day people of all colors and beliefs will live in peace. Even though that seems impossible, the Bible tells us that one day there will be peace, and one day every knee will bow (to Christ Jesus). The important thing to understand, however, is that not everyone will be bowing because they want to praise Jesus as Lord; they will bow because our Lord has won the battle over evil, and those who have chosen to NOT be one with Him will exit His kingdom. You see, none of us live up to the purity of God. All of us have sinned, and sin separates...

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God's Tap on the Shoulder. How do you reply?

The first time I KNEW God was calling to me was when a gal took me to Calvary Chapel, Capo Bch. It was a strange, dark place - an old bowling alley that had been converted into a church. Nothing but folding chairs (hundreds of them) lined across a concrete floor in front of a plain black stage. Stark would be an understatement (especially considering my Catholic upbringing with its stained-glass windows, crucifixes and statues of saints).When we walked in, people were worshipping God in song and I said to myself, "These people know something I don't know." It was foreign to me, but I could tell it was a good thing.After the music, the pastor, a young man, probably early...

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