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SILENT & LISTEN - two words; same letters; Necessary in Prayer!

As I kid, I was taught to recite memorized prayers. Later in my 30s, I realized one can just talk to God by pouring out your heart. And then...the best thing can happen...if you will be SILENT and LISTEN, you might actually hear God speak. I have 3 very short stories in my book that attest to the fact that God is still speaking today. Get the book or listen to the interviews on this website.If you're not sure what it means to hear God speak, come back to this blog another day. I'll be writing a lot more on the subject. (Also, I have written a lot on the topic in my Bible Study Guide that will be a FREE...

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Reflection & Discovery - the Reasons behind the Study Guide

I was gifted a Bible when I was in my 20s, but after reading the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, I heaved the book across the room, not to pick it up again until almost a decade later. Finally, when I realized God was calling me, I read the entire Bible in one year (that's easy if you'll read 4 chapters/day, skipping 1 day/wk to go to church). As I learned more about God and His love for us, and His will for us, I realized my behavior wasn't matching up very well with that of a good Christian. I decided to dig deep. I asked myself questions like: if God is really speaking, was I listening the way I...

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