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CONTEST: Win a FREE BOOK! Best definition of "LOVE" wins. Enter by 09/30/19.

As Kelly Minter says, we live in a time "when the word LOVE means just about anything under the sun, and therefore almost nothing." So how can we know what love really is? Answer: look at Jesus. He SHOWS us what love is...and much of what He demonstrates is having a servant-heart and putting others first. To enter the contest, email Janet your definition of love. Don't concern yourself with the number of words; focus on the content. EMAIL your entry to:

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We are like fire. What feeds you?

Reading the Word of God may not sound exciting, but it's worth it. I had not read the Bible until I was in my late 30's. In fact, the 1st time I read a story in the Bible (story of Sodom & Gomorrah), I heaved the Bible across the room thinking how ridiculous! But about a decade later, I read the entire Bible. Since then, I have re-read it again & again.  My Bible is now in shambles; but I’m better than ever. I see the world differently; everything in relation to God. I would never go back to my life where God was on the backburner. Why would I? Why miss out on getting to know the One who...

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Who is Jesus? (What does Anne Graham Lotz say?)

Anne Graham Lotz says in her 07/29/19 AnGel Ministries email "If we think we can avoid God by pleading indifference toward Him or ignorance of Him, we're mistaken; both choices are indirect rejection. John makes this point when he states, 'He was in the world, and though the world was made through him, the world did not recognize him.' (John 1:10 NIV)  It would be easier to imagine Ford Motor Company not recognizing Henry Ford, or Microsoft not recognizing Bill Gates, or the United States of America not recognizing George Washington than to imagine man not recognizing his Creator!" She later states, "The majority of the world doesn't recognize Him for Who He is. The world talks of and teaches...

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