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CONTEST: Win a FREE BOOK! Best definition of "LOVE" wins. Enter by 09/30/19.

As Kelly Minter says, we live in a time "when the word LOVE means just about anything under the sun, and therefore almost nothing." So how can we know what love really is? Answer: look at Jesus. He SHOWS us what love is...and much of what He demonstrates is having a servant-heart and putting others first. To enter the contest, email Janet your definition of love. Don't concern yourself with the number of words; focus on the content. EMAIL your entry to:

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How rich is your life? Make a bigger difference

Winston Churchill, “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”  What can you do to make a bigger difference?  How rich is your life?   Feeling like you have nothing to give? Feeling poor (financially)? Remember this: More than anything, God asks us to be other-centered; He wants you to give away LOVE.  When I lost hundreds of thousands of dollars to an embezzling business partner, I was extremely angry. But with time I realized that I still had something to give away…LOVE.  The move I gave, the richer I felt.  I wouldn’t trade my current life (one which has left me in debt and without my once well-working athletic body) for anything...

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