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The one thing that changed my life for the better!

Some days you feel like you’re walking all alone in a scary world, uncertain about your future and the future of your loved ones. But I want to tell you, God is real and He pays attention to every detail of your life. He is still working miracles today. Let me share one. A few years ago, my mom had Alzheimer’s and I needed to move her. I was her power of attorney (POA) so I went to the Social Security office to get her Social Security card (which I needed for the place I wanted to move her to). Turns out Social Security does not accept the POA, and they would only mail her Social Security card to the...

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SILENT & LISTEN - two words; same letters; Necessary in Prayer!

As I kid, I was taught to recite memorized prayers. Later in my 30s, I realized one can just talk to God by pouring out your heart. And then...the best thing can happen...if you will be SILENT and LISTEN, you might actually hear God speak. I have 3 very short stories in my book that attest to the fact that God is still speaking today. Get the book or listen to the interviews on this website.If you're not sure what it means to hear God speak, come back to this blog another day. I'll be writing a lot more on the subject. (Also, I have written a lot on the topic in my Bible Study Guide that will be a FREE...

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from a MEOW to a ROAR!

When I was young, I was taught to memorize prayers. It wasn't until my late 30's that I realized God wants us to speak to Him from our heart. We do this to share ourselves with the very One who made us; to let Him know we love Him and that we want His desires to become ours. We acknowledge our errors and ask for forgiveness; we renew the Spirit within us and ask for empowerment (which He happily gives). Throughout our lifetime, we become stronger as we are transformed eventually into the image of His Son, Jesus. Isn't it like God to make a simple request of us (to pray) and then use that for our good. Such an...

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